From the recording Beyond Mars

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My beating heart is a dying star, it will explode into a black hole
With no regard for who you are I'll pull you in if you get too close
Ripped apart like a B-rate star, this void's too big to be closed

When we coalesced I knew you were the best, but gravity has changed your path

But still I'm not buying it because I know, I know what lying is
I am the actor, I've seen the mirror
And you're still too afraid to establish a link
I am the astronaut, I'll give you your space

This life is slowly killing me as the hope is diminishing
But I promise it will never leave

I've come so far and tried so hard, but my heart remains on Earth
There is a hole inside my chest and only you can fill this emptiness

You think of me, but I dream of you

This monologue is just a rant I'm screaming into space, so here's the truth

This will never end because I will always love you