1. Lily

From the recording Beyond Mars

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What is this feel I fear, it grows ever stronger as you draw near
You are the brightest star I've ever seen, more precious than gold, more sacred than dreams

There is no other like you in the sky, I've traveled this universe far and wide
But I am forsaken to pass you by, why must this star remain in the sky?

For you are the one I've seen in my dreams
Visions obscure, but still complete
You are the star that was meant for me
This is the truth that you cannot see
I only wish to feel complete
Please let me stay, don't stop this dream
So Lily please, don't stop this dream

I've given you all I have to give, but still you burn my hands
My love's not enough for you to love me, I'd give up my life to set you free

But that's not what you want, you do care for me, but you need a star that I can't be
I'll give you this ring with our parting words, I hope to get it back, and then we'll burn

We'll burn bright, we'll burn through the night
It'll be alright, I will hold you tight
So Lily please, don't stop this dream