Universe No. 122 is the solo project of Paul LaPointe consisting of a diverse collection of original music & cover songs creating a world amongst themselves. Most of the cover music stretches across the genres of rock and pop spanning from the foundations of rock in the 60s to the latest releases now. While much of the original music from Universe No. 122 is recorded in a full-band format, the songs can also be presented in stripped down acoustic format, as they were originally written.

"Universe No.122 pick up the path once pioneered by Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett" - Joe Vig Top 40

Paul's love of music was initially discovered after seeing the film School of Rock in theaters. Paul was inspired by the film so much that he saw it two more times at the theater! Shortly thereafter, he began playing drums and could no longer imagine life without music. Over the next 7 years he played in multiple bands and grew as a drummer, lyricist, and composer. At the start of college, Paul further explored music through guitar, bass, piano, and singing. After years of studying he is sharing his passion for music with the world through this project.